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We want to provide you with as much information as possible to help you navigate through your legal situation. Our library of resources offers additional insights into the services we offer. If you have questions or wish to seek counsel for your case, contact our attorneys today.

What details of my Divorce should I share with our children?
What details of my Divorce should I share with our children?
Do I need to get the other parent’s permission to move our child out of state?
Under Michigan law, when parents have joint legal custody, certain factors must be met before a...
Parenting time and travel
A common parenting time question that our clients ask about is whether they or the other parent can...
What happens when parties sharing legal custody don’t agree on Parenting decisions?
Most orders regarding custody allow the parents joint legal custody.  There are some cases...
Prenuptial Agreements in Michigan
A prenuptial agreement is a contract between the couple prior to their marriage.  The purpose...
When is a guardian necessary for a Minor Child?
A minor guardianship is a mechanism to give a person who is not the child’s parent authority...
How to handle Holiday Child Custody and Parenting Time issues
One of the hardest adjustments that separated or divorced parents come across is how to handle...
Enforcing Child Support in Michigan
Clients often ask if anything can be done about their spouse not paying child support. The answer is yes. Something can and should be done. By doing nothing, and allowing the payments to remain in default, you are giving the message that this behavior is acceptable. I have helped both payors and payees in cases that payments are tens and thousands of dollars in arrears!
Do I Need an Attorney for my Divorce Case?
With all the do-it-yourself options available, some people question whether they need an attorney to represent them in their divorce case. The short answer is, YES. Absolutely. No website or legal software can substitute for the advice and advocacy you will receive from an experienced attorney.

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