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At Steslicki & Ghannam, PLC, our attorneys in Plymouth, Michigan, understand how the legal systems work. We are here to help you achieve your desired outcomes, such as an amicable collaborative divorce or planning for the future of your family. We provide a variety of family law and estate planning services to protect your family, and we offer our clients our combined experience that has won even the toughest cases.

Whether you are facing divorce, adoption, or estate planning, you need a licensed, professional attorney on your side who can help you navigate the complexities of our local legal systems and how individual statutes may affect your case.

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Our Legal Services For Wayne, Oakland, And Washtenaw County Residents

As your trusted legal team in Plymouth, Michigan, Sarah Steslicki and Angela Ghannam embody their values of authenticity, compassion, contentment, humor, and justice in the office, in the courtroom, and in their personal lives, seeking to minimize upheaval caused by legal challenges and situations. We are here to help you navigate the complicated waters of the legal system and focus primarily in the areas of family law and estate planning.

Adoption And Surrogacy

Adoption And Surrogacy

If you’re interested in adding to your family through adoption or surrogate parenting, Sarah and Angela can help you with all of the legal requirements and documents.

Sarah Steslicki and Angela Ghannam are highly experienced in family and estate planning law, and we are here to help you find the resolutions you need. We understand the challenges that any legal precedence creates. We approach every situation with a calm, cool mindset to avoid any unpleasantness.

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Whether you are growing your family through adoption or surrogacy, ending your marriage, or planning for the future security and well-being of your family, attorneys Sarah Steslicki and Angela Ghannam are here to support you through all of your legal questions and concerns. We are your partner to help you ensure the security of your assets or create the child custody situation that best suits your family.

Contact us for all of your family law and estate planning legal needs. We are dedicated to providing our clients with the highest quality legal representation in a calm, drama-free environment.

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Have A Plan For Your Assets With Estate Planning To Avoid Probate

Are You Prepared In Case Something Unexpected Happens?

Ensure your assets are protected by hiring an experienced estate planning lawyer to set up a legal will, trust, power of attorney, medical directives , and more. We are here to ensure the future of your estate is well taken care of.

In circumstances where your family member does not have an estate plan, and their assets have made their way to probate, Steslicki and Ghannam can help you reclaim these assets.