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“I had a very good outcome working with Sarah and Kaylon. At first, I almost agreed to my ex husband conditions in my legal matter about moving out of state but Sarah did intervene in a very professional matter opening my eyes that I was going to agree to something that was mostly benefiting him. I’m glad she did. Kaylon stepped in after Sarah left for maternity care and she was wonderful as well. My situation got even more complicated and I had to get another lawyer with a real estate expertise. Kaylon was very quick and put me in contact to one of her friend’s that had the experience in real estate and was able to take my case in the last minute. It was very stressfull situation for me because I have 4 boys with autism that I raise them alone. Sarah and Kaylon helped me out to achieve the outcome I needed it for my boys and I’m thankful for both of them.”

– Elena

“Let me just start off with Sarah STESLICKI was a fighter ,and had my situation took care of in a matter of months. As a father in Michigan a woman’s state by the way she took what I was going through to heart ,and took care of business. Yes its expensive, but you get what you pay for,and having a fighter in my corner was a blessing. Not only did she come out swinging she won ,and now I have the most important thing to me my son. Thank you so much for everything!”

– Big Dave

“My divorce was the most stressful period of my life. Angela was there from me from our very first consultation. She educated on my rights, the law, the process and thoroughly prepared me for each and every step. My divorce was complicated however she listened and had my best interest at heart. Angela fought hard to ensure the outcome was favorable. I have passed her on to a family who is just as happy as can be with Angela’s dedication and responsiveness and most importantly the results.”

– James

“Sarah and her staff did an EXCELLENT job with my divorce case. My divorce was finalized in June 2017. She was there from beginning to end. Even after the divorce was finalized my ex kept taking me back to court for stupid reasons, Sarah stood by my side for EVERYTHING. Thanks Sarah for all that I do & have done!!!”

– Kim

“Angela was very helpful and informative while helping me gain full custody of my children. If I had any questions, she always responded quickly. She explained things thoroughly, and really helped me stay calm during a very stressful time. I would highly recommend her to anyone with family law issues.”

– Anonymous

“Angela was flexible with my work schedule, patient with my difficulties getting information, and most importantly available when I needed her to be. She’s an experienced attorney with knowledge beyond her years. Her personality and kindness made dealing with an awful situation just that much easier.”

– Gary

“I hired Sarah to represent me in a child visitation case. I met with her once and she listened to me and took notes. The day of court came she arrived early and more than prepared. She knew my case inside and out. She paid attention to details and I could not have had anyone better by my side. I was a nervous wreck but she calmed me down and made me at ease. I also won my case with more than I asked for. I highly recommend her. Thank you!!”

– Anonymous

“Last year I hired Sarah to handle my custody battle with my ex-wife. Before a friend put me in touch with her, I was in pretty desperate shape. I had made some prior mistakes in my life that I thought might prevent me from seeing my children- mistakes that I was working very hard to correct and move past. My ex-wife’s uncle is an attorney who’s been practicing in the area for over 30 years, and she was determined to fight me so that I would be left without any parenting time. I knew I couldn’t go it alone, but I was feeling very anxious and worried about who I could trust to defend my rights. When I spoke to Sarah for the first time on the phone, she was very understanding and put all of my worries to rest. Having dealt with hundreds of cases like mine over the years, Sarah listened to my story intently, making sure she understood all of the facts. She then carefully explained to me what our strategy would be. I was very impressed with her knowledge of the law, her familiarity with the courts, and her enthusiasm and optimism regarding our chances. Not only was I awarded equal parenting time, but I also managed to renegotiate the terms of my alimony and child support that was fair. It was something I felt strongly about, but I never thought it was a realistic expectation…until Sarah made it happen. I’ve been represented before in other matters by other lawyers, and while the outcomes were generally positive, I never felt like I was fully in the loop until I hired Sarah. She kept me up to date on my case on a consistent basis which really helped to settle me down. While she was never able to make promises or give any guarantees regarding our outcome, I still felt more and more confident with every step we took because of the continual communication she and her office provided me. I don’t know where I’d be without her help. I am able to see my children now, and that is all that matters to me. I couldn’t be more grateful for everything that Mrs. Steslicki has done for me and my kids. I would recommend her to everyone! Fantastic lawyer!”

– Jennifer