One Case Brought Two Powerful Legal Forces Together

Even though we’ve both been attorneys for over a decade, our partnership was not formalized until 2020. Up until that point, we each had our successful law practices.

Both of us knew each other for many years before joining forces as a law firm, as colleagues doing similar/same work, and even as friends. We were aware that both of us were great attorneys, but the idea of joining forces never crossed our minds… one case came that changed everything.


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Our Story Is Born From Two Years Of Drama, Deceit, Underhandedness, And Conflict

This case was a particularly difficult one that took two years to resolve due to an (over) abundance of drama, deceit, underhandedness, and conflict. Not only was the opposing side hiding income and assets, but there was abuse, infidelity, and a general contempt for the legal process.

Angela was the original attorney on the case and was regularly frustrated by the opposing counsel’s tactics. These tactics had little to do with the law and everything to do with distracting and delaying the legal process. As so often happens in cases like this, both the judge and Angela knew what was happening, but the legal process had to be adhered to, and so it dragged on.

Over time, this case became very stressful and difficult for a solo attorney, by herself, to handle. Angela often looked to Sarah, who would act as a sounding board on both legal issues in the case and as a shoulder to lean on.

Two Heads Are Better Than One

Eventually, Angela wanted Sarah to take a more formal role in the case. Initially, it was agreed that Sarah would handle any communication with the opposing attorney and Angela would handle most of the drafting. As the case progressed and became exceedingly complicated, they both began to equally share the duties. Once the matter was set for trial/arbitration, that’s when it became clear that both had different roles which seemed to complement each other. Sarah spent hours and hours digging through mounds and mounds of paperwork, almost as if she were working for the forensic investigations unit of the FBI. (Truly, she enjoyed it!)

Meet Sarah Steslicki

We’re A Powerhouse Team That Gets Favorable Results

Through her deep dive, Sarah caught the opposing side in lie upon lie. Even better, Angela’s knowledge of the business aspects of the case helped Sarah put the information into an even better context.

This division of labor, where Sarah would present a ton of information and then Angela would focus on the most important aspects, created a solid, thorough case that even the previous CPA and expert business evaluator didn’t find. The opposing client eventually even fired their attorney on the case and found a new one, because it was clear that the attorney wasn’t doing the job.

Ultimately, the case moved to arbitration. Finally, at the end of two years and 6 grueling days of presenting evidence and cross-examination, the case was over.

The arbitrator’s award and the final number awarded to the client was over $500,000.00 more than had been previously offered.

We Realized This Was A Winning Combination

This case went on for nearly 2 years, but together we were able to allow our client to maintain their dignity through the process, portray them in the best light to the court, focus on the real legal issues, develop a winning strategy, and, no matter how difficult, see it through.

After working together, it was clear as could be that we needed to work together, and together we could achieve great things for our clients.

While we both always felt we did a good job for our clients, this case showed us that the two of us together could far exceed anything we individually had done in the past. Plus, we just really like and respect each other as people and as lawyers.

Truly a match made in heaven.