Meet Sarah Steslicki  

Sarah Steslicki is a Force to Be Reckoned With in the Courtroom. Her Education and Experience Makes Her an Exceptional Lawyer in Michigan.

Sarah Steslicki has been a licensed attorney in the State of Michigan since 2003. Sarah graduated from Michigan State with her bachelor’s degree and then received her J.D. from Wayne State University School of Law.

Sarah is trained in mediation and collaborative divorce by the Institute of Continuing Legal Education. That being said, she is no stranger to the trial process. In her previous experience, she participated in literally hundreds of trials, as well as completing the Trial College training by the Criminal Defense Attorneys of Michigan.

A composed, sure-footed leader, Sarah’s ability to command within a case comes from her knowledge and authority in the law. You can depend on Sarah to guide you through your legal situation with knowledge and unwavering conviction.

Meet Sarah Steslicki

Sarah Cuts All of the Drama and Complexity Out of Your Case

With over 17 years of legal experience and her natural inclination to in-depth research and knowledge, Sarah has become a respected legal authority who is known for her ability to develop complex strategies, identify inconsistencies, maintain order, and minimize risk factors/reduce unexpected events.

Although she will always confront potential problems or obstacles immediately and decisively, people appreciate Sarah’s ability to rationally reach conclusions. She is not the attorney for you if what you want is a family law case full of drama and emotional upheaval – these are things that she seeks to minimize, to the greatest extent possible. Sarah is a stable force: unfazed by setbacks or challenges, she is never one to panic or be impulsive, and always able to maintain calm even under the most pressure-filled situations.

That being said, Sarah is also a warm and authentic person. Her personal “top 5 values” of authenticity, compassion, contentment, humor, and justice play out every day both at work and at home.

Meet Sarah Steslicki

Sarah’s Colleagues Admire Her Spirit and Passion for Her Work

“Sarah’s presence at work helps me to feel energized. Her optimistic spirit lifts those around her, and helps us get through particularly difficult days and times. And while she is hyper-focused on resolution and results, her humanity shines through in how she treats people and her calm presence can lend comfort in an area of law that is inherently uncertain.”