Do I Need an Attorney for my Divorce Case?

With all the do-it-yourself options available, some people question whether they need an attorney to represent them in their divorce case. The short answer is, YES. Absolutely. No website or legal software can substitute for the advice and advocacy you will receive from an experienced attorney.

The benefits you will receive from an experienced divorce attorney are invaluable. Not knowing the right arguments to make during your divorce proceedings can be detrimental to the results you end up with, both financially and personally. An experienced attorney has been through the process and knows what should and should not be said.

Another issue is all the paperwork. Your attorney will know all the necessary documents to be filed for each situation. They also know the specific requirements for different counties and judges in a way that no legal software can. People without attorneys often have paperwork get rejected and they need to start all over again. This is very frustrating to them in an already stressful time in their lives. An attorney can help you navigate through the process smoothly.

Though it is possible to get a divorce without hiring an attorney, for most people it is a bad idea. The benefits of having an experienced divorce attorney on your side greatly outweigh the potential costs of a divorce that was not done right.