What details of my Divorce should I share with our children?

An issue that often comes up during a Divorce case is a parent discussing the details of the litigation with a child.  Is it allowed, what should be said, what to do if the other parent is discussing details of a case with a child.  The general rule of thumb is that children should be shielded from these conversations.  They should know very little other than that their parents are working it out.

Often high conflict divorce cases with children involved use a Parenting Time Coordinator or a Coparenting counselor.  Below is a link to an article to an excellent parenting time coordinator often used to help parents navigate through these tricky waters.  She is also a Collaberative Divorce professional, as are Angela and Sarah.   This article is an excellent guide as to what details of a divorce should be shared with children.


The Importance of Protecting Your Kids from Most Details of Your Divorce