Enforcing Child Support in MI

Clients often ask if anything can be done about their spouse not paying child support. The answer is yes.  Something can and should be done. By doing nothing, and allowing the payments to remain in default, you are giving the message that this behavior is acceptable. I have helped both payors and payees in cases that payments are tens and thousands of dollars in arrears!

Some people are reluctant to act when child support payments are behind. They want to avoid confrontation and do not want to cause more arguments with their spouse. The important thing to remember is that the child support is for the child, not for you. Your child deserves the support payments that were awarded. The best way to do this is by hiring an experienced family law attorney to get support payments back on track and help you to get back payments that are in arrears.

It is also important to have an attorney if you are in behind in child support payments. You do not want to ignore your obligation to pay! Payors that have defaulted on their payment order can face dire consequences such as license suspensions, interception of assets or tax refunds and may even face a felony action. These actions are especially common for individuals who work “under the table” and do not have wages to be withheld in the traditional sense.

If you are a payor and your circumstances have changed, you should consult an attorney about having your support order revised. Judges appreciate parties who are proactive and try to get a payment order entered that is within their means rather than allowing a payment order in effect to go into or remain in default.

If you need help enforcing your child support order, or you are facing a hearing or need help to address your arrears, contact our office at Steslicki and Ghannam PLC today! (734) 821-7411.